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The Country Women’s Council, USA (CWC) to honor Ruth Buxton Sayre, established the Ruth Buxton Sayre Scholarship. Mrs. Buxton attained national and international recognition championing a better way of life for rural people. The purpose of the scholarship is to foster the educational development of women.

Mrs. Sayre's efforts on behalf of rural women and families spanned three decades and earned her high posts in state, national and international organizations. She served as President of the Associated Country Women of the World 1947-1953. One of her many distinctions include being the only woman appointed to a U. S. Agricultural Committee (by President Eisenhower). In 1976 being inducted into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame honored her. "If good doesn't cross borders, soldiers will" expressed her views on trade and peace. She constantly encouraged women to "let out the seams" of their thinking.
CWC offers the Ruth Buxton Sayre Scholarship each year to a woman who is a resident of North or South America, who shows potential leadership ability, has a financial need and has the ability to complete her education.
Applications shall be made through an ACWW affiliated organization, but the applicant need not be a member herself. The scholarship recipient(s) shall be paid up to the amount of $500.00 for a year's period of study, the money to be sent to the educational institution she is attending for tuition and/or books. The recipients may apply the succeeding year.

For more information about the Ruth Buxton Sayre Scholarship and mailing address, please contact the president of the Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders (AHCL).

AHCL is affiliated with ACWW.


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